+ four hundred followers

hello everyone! okay, i don't really know where to begin. all i can say is, thank you! earlier today, we reached 400 followers! 400 people clicked 'follow' on my blog : 0 that is unbelivable! on april 31st of 2018, we hit 300 followers. that means we gained 100 followers in a month! like what?! … Continue reading + four hundred followers


Appreciation Post♡

Helloo there💕! How are you doing today? This post is dedicated to you☺️! It's just a small post to show my appreciation for all of you🌱! I have just reached a huge milestone on my blog... 200 followers?! Thank you so much, for anyone who has liked, commented or even viewed my page🐻! It truly means the world … Continue reading Appreciation Post♡

Blogmas Day 22: 2 Liebster Award Posts!

Hello my snow angels and Happy Friday!👍 My school is finally over *hoorah*🎉 I am so excited for full-time blogging and full commitment💜! Sorry for yesterdays post as it was short😭 Enough of that, but lets just get on with this - I will be doing 2 award posts, I was awarded the Liebster award by the Coastal Twins who … Continue reading Blogmas Day 22: 2 Liebster Award Posts!

Blogmas Day 17: 100 Followers?!

Hello my gorgeous, amazing angels and... Ahhhh, OMG! I physically can't explain how happy I am right now😆 At 1:04 p.m on the 17th December 2017... I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS! 🎉 Thank you to everyone who has followed, like or commented on my new born baby blog💜 It truly means so much to me and I can't thank you enough💕 I started my … Continue reading Blogmas Day 17: 100 Followers?!