+ july faves

hello everyone! happy saturday :)! i just came back from a summer camp in dorset, with my friends from school <3! we had so much fun and played so many sports!! i was gone for 5 days, so i wasn't able to publish any posts :(! however, i'm back; today i will be rounding up … Continue reading + july faves


Valentine’s Blog Party!

Disclaimer: I might will use way too many hearts in this post😂! Helloo my lil' love hearts💗! Happy Valentine's Day *heart confetti explosion*✨! I am in Iceland at the moment and am slowing freezing away😂! I hope you share this day with your loved ones, family and friends🌈! However, I wanted to host a blog partyyy💞! As with everything, … Continue reading Valentine’s Blog Party!

The Aesthetic Tag

Helloo everyone💞! Today is extremely exciting as... *crowd gasps* I'm doing a tag🐻! This tag was created by the wonderful (aesthetically pleasing) Ella from over on AHappilyEllaAfter🌱 Please go and check out her original post and blog💗 She also tagged me to do this so thank you to her✨! Let's just get onto the rules *sighs*😂 The Rules · … Continue reading The Aesthetic Tag