+ april favourites

hello! april was a pretty good month, loads of tests, but gorgeous weather. i had a lovely trip to paris and to center parcs (an activity center) with one of my best friends! again, the weather was amazing and perfect for a picnic! school started again, so homework is in full swing : ( anyways, … Continue reading + april favourites


my feb faves

Hello there everybody💞! Welcome or welcome back to my blog🎈! Seeing as we have welcomed March into our year, I thought it would be perfect to do a favourites post😁! Please take into consideration that I will not be making one of these posts every month! I already have my 'Styling with Raf' series which occurs every … Continue reading my feb faves

2017 favourites

Helloo everybody💞! I am extremely sorry for my disappearance in this blogging world😭! However... I am back, better than ever! Ready to upload on a somewhat regular basis *audience claps enthusiastically*✨! In my last post, I really didn't mention this, happy new year🌵! I know we are already very far into January but still, I hope you had … Continue reading 2017 favourites

Blogmas Day 21: Favourite Posts of the Week!

Hello Mariah Carrey only joking but welcome to Blogmas Day 21!🌸 Omg ahhh 4 days😆 Okay... I'll stop right there⬇️ Today I will be sharing my favourite posts from this week👍 This is not a type of post I've done, but I think some bloggers out there need some more recognition❤️ #SpreadTheLove! I hope you enjoy this post and check out … Continue reading Blogmas Day 21: Favourite Posts of the Week!

Blogmas Day 20: My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hello my Christmas movie enthusiasts and welcome to Blogmas Day 20! AHHHHH OMG 5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS😆 *screams for hours* ahem... okay❤️ *composes self* Back to normal *straightens collar* alrighty... *cracks knuckles* and we're back😂 Today's post is inspired by the wonderful Ellie, who gave me the inspiration💕 I love it when you guys give me post ideas, it … Continue reading Blogmas Day 20: My Favourite Christmas Movies