+ skincare

hey everyone <3! yes, i know this is very, very overdue; i'm sorry, but i have so many exams and no time to write :/ however, on a more positive note, today i'm doing a collab with the beautiful molly, from molly's mess <3! she has such a cute blog which you should definitely check … Continue reading + skincare


+ summery things to do

hey there again :)! today is another exciting collab! i will be collabing with the wonderful brooke, from the auchatbleu.wordpress.com blog <3! her content and graphics are gorgeous; you should defo go and show her some love!! anyways, we decided to show you some 'summery things to do' =) it seems as though every post … Continue reading + summery things to do

+ my favourite places that i have visited

hello everybody! today is very exciting as i am collabing with the wonderful jasper, who owns a beautiful blog : ) make sure you go and check out her blog and her post! she deserves way more followers as her blog and graphics are gorgeous <3! anywho, this post is about our favourite places we have visited. i really hope … Continue reading + my favourite places that i have visited

Blogmas Day 19: Stocking Stuffers + Collab!

Hello santa's little helpers and welcome to Blogmas Day 19🎅 Todays post is extremely exciting as... *drumroll* it's a COLLAB!🎉 I am collaborating with Erin from over on VintageHaxs, she is an excellent blogger who blogs content from fashion to beauty to lifestyle💕! Like me, Erin is participating in Blogmas *yippee*🎄 Please go and check her blog out and … Continue reading Blogmas Day 19: Stocking Stuffers + Collab!