+ four hundred followers

hello everyone! okay, i don't really know where to begin. all i can say is, thank you! earlier today, we reached 400 followers! 400 people clicked 'follow' on my blog : 0 that is unbelivable! on april 31st of 2018, we hit 300 followers. that means we gained 100 followers in a month! like what?! … Continue reading + four hundred followers


Valentine’s Blog Party!

Disclaimer: I might will use way too many hearts in this post😂! Helloo my lil' love hearts💗! Happy Valentine's Day *heart confetti explosion*✨! I am in Iceland at the moment and am slowing freezing away😂! I hope you share this day with your loved ones, family and friends🌈! However, I wanted to host a blog partyyy💞! As with everything, … Continue reading Valentine’s Blog Party!