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hey everyone <3! yes, i know this is very, very overdue; i’m sorry, but i have so many exams and no time to write :/

however, on a more positive note, today i’m doing a collab with the beautiful molly, from molly’s mess <3! she has such a cute blog which you should definitely check out :)! my favourite one of her posts was ‘a day in the city‘ as the photos were gorgeous! we decided to show our skincare routines :)! let us begin…

step 1: boots – tea tree, witchazel foaming cleanser


this cleanser is truly amazing! i have repurchased it so many times as it’s just so good <3! it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean, but not stripped!!

step 2: mario badescu – facial spray


if i’m 100% honest, this facial spray is a bit overrated 😦 the spray is very patchy, but it smells great <3! just trying to finish it up before i buy a new facial spray!

step 3: clinique – all about eyes serum


this mini serum really de-puffs my eyes, which i need as i don’t get much sleep ;)! it is super cooling and refreshing <3!

step 4: garnier – micellar water


i use this to remove makeup, or as toner! i just pour some on a cotton pad, and sweep it all around my face to get rid of any excess dirt :)!

step 5: nivea – soft cream


i have been using this cream for about 3 years and i must say, it is perfect! it doesn’t leave my skin greasy, just moisturized :)!

step 6: balance me – rose otto face oil


if i can recommend any product to buy, it would have to be face oil <3! i love to look dewy and glowy, not oily and this face oil does exactly that :)!

those are all the products i use on the daily. morning and night! i exfoliate twice a week, with the body shop tea tree scrub and sheet mask twice a month <3! make sure to check out molly’s post, where she tells us about her skincare faves :)!

see u soon

raf x


27 thoughts on “+ skincare

  1. I love using micellar water! I actually use it on days that I don’t want to do a full cleansing routine aha. I’ve never picked up the Mario Rosewater spray because I wasn’t sure if it was just hype. Lovely post, I’m happy I found your blog! ♡

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