+ glossier haul

hello everyone! today is defo going to be one of my favourite posts i have ever written! that is because it is a glossier review/haul. recently, i ordered two products from their website and they have just arrived. if you want 10% off your first glossier purchase, feel free to use this link and let me know : )

if you don’t know, glossier is a new-ish brand which is famous for their minimal packaging ‘n both beauty and skincare products! i already have the balm dot com which i love and use daily, so i wanted to purchase some more products : )

here is my haul/review on some glossier products.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 23.12.05

firstly, may i just say, the packaging is so cute! it came in a pink bag with lots of ‘add-ons’! my items also came in a pink bubble wrap pouch, which i definitely see myself using as a pencil-case in the future!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 23.15.01.png

my order also came with stickers, cards, a perfume sample and glossier’s milky jelly cleanser sample! i love the perfume scent and am very excited to try the cleanser : )

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 23.15.26

i ordererd the cloud paint, in the shade ‘beam’ and the clear lipgloss <3! the cloud paint was £15 and the lipgloss was £11

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 23.14.35

this lip gloss is incredible! i normally go for matte lips, but this has changed me. i can’t stand when glosses are super sticky, but this lipgloss isn’t sticky at all. it gives you such a glassy, glossy look which i love <3!

next, is my cloud paint. this is a seamless cheek colour and i got it in the shade beam, which is coral-peach! it is very glowy and peachy. when applying it, make sure not to apply too much, as a little goes a very long way!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 23.13.35

overall, i love all of my new products! i added my balm dot com to the picture as well :). the delivery was super simple and the team was very sweet. the only downside, is that i ordered my two different products in two separate packages/orders. this meant the shipping was £8 rather than free, but oh well :/!

thanks for reading! let me know if you are going to buy from glossier in the future or if you have any glossier products : ) if you would like to, feel free to use my 10% off link for your first glossier purchase <3! see you soon x


70 thoughts on “+ glossier haul

      1. It was their skincare:( the milk jelly cleanser caused painful, little spots all over my face and wouldn’t go away how many times I used it. And the mega greens galaxy mask literally burnt my face. It was horrible, I guess I didn’t realise how sensitive my skin was. I guess it’s not for everyone, still hasn’t put me off wanting to try their makeup😌 sorry for the long paragraph aha⚡️

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      2. Oh no! It’s clearly not a “all skin types” sort of cleanser, it’s incredibly annoying especially as everyone raves on about it and really praises it. I guess it isn’t for everyone:( hopefully you find something better for your skin, I’m still looking for a good cleanser😌

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  1. Glossier looks so awesome! I should definitely try their lipgloss and cloud paint. Even though i am 11 i am still allowed to wear some makeup. Thanknyou for posting!

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      1. yes haze is gorgeous! it would be perfect on lips and eyes : ) however, glossier have said that you shuldnt use cloud piant on lips/eyes as it has a chemical inside it, that is fine for cheeks, but not lips/eyes : (

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  2. I’ve seen ads on my Instagram for Glossier stuff, but it’s always brow gel (which I don’t use) so it’s great to see some reviews of items I might actually buy! These look fab and the extra stuff is just icing on the cake (: lovely post

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