+ four hundred followers

hello everyone! okay, i don’t really know where to begin. all i can say is, thank you! earlier today, we reached 400 followers! 400 people clicked ‘follow’ on my blog : 0 that is unbelivable! on april 31st of 2018, we hit 300 followers. that means we gained 100 followers in a month! like what?! thank you to any who is following or has supprted my blog in any way

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 00.11.33.png

considering, i have only been blogging for about 7 months, i am so thankful n proud : ) anywho, today i want to help you guys out <3! simply, comment how many followers you want to achieve by the month of may, and follow anyone that comments! this is sort of like a blog party, but not really : ?

thank you again from the bottom of my heart

raf xoxo

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a urban outfitters


137 thoughts on “+ four hundred followers

  1. That is amazing achievement to gain 400 followers! I have 50+ and I’ve been blogging for about 6 months. You must be doing something right! Contrats to you and keep up the good work!!

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      1. You’re so welcome and you’re absolutely right! I love doing my projects as well as writing about them. It’s also really great to engage with people all over the globe!

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  2. Congratulations! I’m new here but this is a big achievement! I want to be able to get to 25 followers by the end of May – right now I’m on 18. Here’s hoping!
    Rhiana xxxx

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      1. Sure!
        If for whatever reason that doesn’t work just type marshmallow harmonies into the search engine and it will be the first one. Alternatively leave out the https;// and just go from marshmallow onwards.
        Hope this helps! Also, I have a WordPress follow button and email on my blog 🙂 🙂 I promise not to share your email! Rhi xxx
        P.S. if this is too much info I’m so sorry 💜💜

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  3. aww, raf! what a moment! ‘sage’ & I are so happy for you! what an achievement! I hope this is one of many more milestones for you we can celebrate together! 💛💛💛
    clover *hugs*

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  4. Wow, what a gain! I love your blog, it’s simply so aesthetic! I have just over 300 followers, but I’m hoping to get 350 by perhaps the end of August because I had a few posts that have really sparked my stats. Once again congrats and keep doing what you do!

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  5. That’s amazing!! I’m so happy for you and proud of you!! My blog is a bit smaller but I would love to get maybe 150 by the end I am currently on just over 110. That may seem like a big number so realistically I guess maybe 135 or so but 150 would be my dream haha. Again congrats and well done you are amazing and you defo deserved it. 🙂

    Girlalert xxx ❤

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  6. congratulations. I just have 21. I have been blogging seriously from mid January. But I would like to achieve 50 followers in May and about 100 by mid June. I usually gain about 1 or 2 followers each time I post. But I skip sometimes if I have multiple tests and social events. So, the process is a bit slow. And I would like to speed it up a bit. So Follow me if u like my blog and I follow u back.

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  7. Wow, well done! There’s definitely a wee buzz when see someone has pressed follow or like!

    I’ve got 17 at the moment so realistically I’m would love to have 40 by the end of May. Whether it will happen 🤷

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      1. Thank you! It wasn’t easy. My first blog did quite well but it wasn’t the content I wanted to be writing. I think my new blog is definitely an improvement, so hopefully that will show over time!
        Thank you for following me back 🙂

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